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JCK Technologies Introduces:
Parados Beta

Movement Intelligence Platform​

AI Enabled

Client progress & outcome tracking made easy.

Parados increases capacity for various specialists & smart care teams to better serve, support & remotely monitor clients.

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Aligning advanced care teams & specialists with advanced tech

Being seen by the right movement specialist for mobility injuries and rehabilitation is either expensive or limited, especially in rural areas. Our solution aims to make receiving support more accessible while enhancing specialists' capacity for providing that support.

By utilizing our 
AI assistant for advanced biomarker data visualization, we offer a validated biomechanics assessment method, powered by computer vision AI. We improve triaging for care teams & enable individual specialists to remotely monitor and support more clients. For example, a specialist in Boston, MA, can now effectively monitor & assist a senior or pro athlete recovering from knee surgery in Toronto, ON. If implemented early, mitigating future injuries is also a key benefit of Parados Beta.

Academically, our platform eliminates the need for large, expensive lab facilities, allowing educators and researchers to teach kinesiology students impressively by leveraging the latest advanced technology.
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Easy to Integrate

  • No suits

  • No sensors

  • No setup

Easy to Love

  • Quick Results

  • Clear Dashboards

  • Reliable Data

Easy To Use

  • Any Device

  • Any Time

  • Anywhere

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The future of mobility. Transform your routine from reactive to proactive.

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